Discover mobile platform called ARtour with many useful features, such as guiding, learning, planning trips, sharing maps, etc.

About the project

A special Augmented Reality browser was developed within EUCEMET project.

This mobile app provides additional information on the screen as a user walks around. So, helping a user to get somewhere and learn something on the way was the main reason why ARtour mobile app was born and created.

Findings from the project

Within this project we have discovered that mobile guides are at the beginning of their development path. Although there are so many mobile solutions out there, we still have so much more to offer to the users.

There are many small technical issues like Augmented reality usability or GPS and compass accuracy that impact the overall usability of such apps. On the other hand, users are not really in favor of holding their mobile devices in hands all the time and looking at the screens while walking around.

These are the issues we have researched - we wanted to find the best solutions for mobile guiding in cemeteries. And 2 years later, our concept Learn By Moving was born.

ARtour mobile app

Today, after several alterations and updates, ARtour is a mobile guide app with Augmented Realitydynamic mapssmart notifications and many other features. It offers functions such as: planning personal trips online, working with a team on Field Research Projects, showing the guides in websites, etc. Yes, it is an overwhelming platform with so many more amazing features. If you are interested, simply sign in and start Learning by moving.