Memories in cemeteries

The endless human curiosity and the immense desire to travel through time comes to life so close and in so ordinary a manner as is a simple walk through a place of memory, a cemetery.

Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe

Welcome video for Annual General Meeting of Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe. Video presents connection between town and cemetery. Life and memories. Relationships. Past and present. Kainoto wrote the text and took care of the production of the video.

Kainoto: story, screenplay
Directed by: Studio Legen
Camera: Studio Legen
Camera: Kramberger&Uran
Music: Tim Bridges

The memory of living in Maribor in the last 500 years is written in its cemeteries and as a result of a social development merged in Pobrežje. Ever since the first place of memory has developed around the cathedral, the town’s life reflects in its funerary monuments, historic records and books.

The building of defense walls against the Turkish attacks, the destructive fires and diseases, the hunting and burning of witches, the development of railway and modern machinery, and the unjustifiable period of the World Wars have left its prints and memories on the town’s cemeteries. But these are not just memories of the people past away but the memories of their lives.

On the monuments we find symbols and words that describe their actions, social status, religion, and their attitude toward the surroundings they lived in. A walk along the family tombs pictures in our minds portraits of their lives. The eternal struggle for survival, the understanding of one’s own existence, and the calming before the certain end.