Pogrebno podjetje Maribor

Pogrebno podjetje Maribor - Funeral Services Maribor

The company was founded by the decree Obe.L.O. MARIBOR-TABOR 023-31/62-4/D on 16th October 1962.

Ownership reorganization entered on 25th November 1996, according to the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Restructuring and Privatization - consensus number LP00502/00524-1996/MP .


- Capital Fund for the Pension and Invalid Insurance
- Municipality of Maribor
- Fund for Development of the Republic of Slovenia
- Slovene Compensation Fund
- Participants of the internal distribution
- Participants of the internal purchase.

According to the extract of securities issued by KDD – Central securities clearing Corporation Inc., Tivolska 48, 1000 Ljubljana, the ownership structure is as follows:

Municipality of Maribor 60%
Zagrebačka banka d. d. 32,14%
Participants of the internal purchase 7,46%
BASS d.o.o., Celje 0,40%