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Creating a place of memory
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Mission and vision


The place of memory, as we often refer to the cemetery, is connected to the funerary activity that presents the basic function of a cemetery. What stays hidden on numerous occasions is the fact that this is also the place which holds the history of a city and combines various branches of art in unique symphony. Thus a cemetery serves many purposes and touches different target groups. We can see a tourist acquainting himself with the city and passing through, historians researching the past, and artists who search for the inspiration for their new creations.
The mission of Funeral Services Maribor is focused on all those people who see in this place more than just funerals, more than a moment of loss, all those who see in it their own memories. Creating the place of memory is our mission. For the individual, the city, the region, and the society.


Funeral Services Maribor is growing into a company, which will care in detail for the preservation and resurrection of memories. We are developing into a company that will be able to ensure our customers and partners the traditional, the modern, and always perfected services and products. We will be a synonym for the creators of the place of memory.


Above everything else these services demand excellent people. Due to the fact that a cemetery is exposed to strong feelings, the primary care of an operator is to ensure kind, respectful, and understanding services. Namely, the services we are to provide are used in sensitive moments and need personal contact. Thus the employees must be adequately trained, motivated, and have to have a strongly developed sense of duty regarding their work and a sense for the surroundings they live in.
Every impression of every employee holds a mirror to the company as a whole and its care for the cemetery. This is why we communicate our image exactly in the personal contacts with our clients. How we are perceived in these moments reflects our manner of working, thinking, and communicating.