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Creating a place of memory
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Pogrebno podjetje Maribor


Čez noč, čez noč,
pregrnila travica svet je,
čez noč, čez noč,
na travo se usulo je cvetje.
(O. Zupančič)

The love of flowers and arranging them attracts us to creating every day. The creating, for which we are awarded every time we help your well-being.

In our shop you can find:

  • an urnal wreath (a wreath surrounding the urn);
  • a mourning wreath (of classical round or oblong shape);
  • a mourning wreath (modern version – short-cut flowers but thicker set);
  • mourning flower arrangements;
  • mourning bouquets;
  • arrangements of candles with bands with inscriptions or mourning cards.

You are kindly invited to visit our flower shop on Ulica XIV. divizije by the entrance to the Pobrežje cemetery.