Cremation is a frequent manner of storing the remains of the deceased in contemporary society.

The operator of the crematorium adopts for the implementation of services of storing the departed in cooling chambers and cremation the regulations about the behavior in the crematorium, which is agreed upon by the municipal council of the Municipality of Maribor.

The process of cremation is generally carried out in morning hours on work days.

Operator’s obligations

The operator is obliged to:

  • assure the cleanness and order of the mourning chamber and the cemetery  and regular investment into the premises and machines in the cemetery;
  • keep an up-to-date record of the deceased buried at the cemetery, the record of the grave lease-holders, and a record of utility machines at the cemetery;
  • carry out up-to-date services regarding the lease contracts for the graves;
  • enable the users of the cemetery services to access the allocation plan of the cemetery and the distribution plan into the cemetery departments and graves;
  • assure the festive garment of the workers who lead or participate in a funeral service;
  • issue agreements for the arrangement of the graves, the rearrangement of the graves, and planting or falling of trees adjacent to the graves;
  • bring attention of the lease-holders to the possible abandonment of the graves;
  • handle the execution of the funeral ceremony and insure the implementation of the funeralceremony in accordance with the agreement with the person paying for the funeral;
  • keep a record of income and outcome sums, t.i. the appropriate financial management;
  • perform other tasks and services in accordance with the national and municipal regulations within this field.

The dug out earth along the grave hole may be covered with artificial grass.

Rights and obligations of users

Users of services provided by the economic public service from Article 1 of this Decree primarily have the right and the obligation to use the services under the conditions set in this and other decrees ensuing from this field; the right to appeal to the proper authorities if their rights have been violated; and the obligation to obey the instructions given by the operator and the regulations, which deal with the field of safety, law and order, health and sanitary protection and any other regulations that arrange funerals.