The story of the Cemetery Dobrava

All you need to know about the Dobrava cemetery - from the basic data to its history.

The Dobrava cemetery

The Dobrava cemetery was established in 1985 with the intention of becoming the main cemetery of Maribor.

Basic data

Number of graves: 6000
Cemetery size in m2: ~150.000
Cemetery type: A landscape cemetery, divided in the grassy area and the forest area.

Important graves and monuments

  • Monument of killed after 9.5.1945 (1990): It was built in memory of more than 15.000 victims who were killed in the woods in Tezno in May 1945.
  • Grave field of victims killed in Tezno in 1945 (1999): The grave field contains ashes of mortal remains of victims who were killed out of court in 1945 in Tezno. 
  • Ossuary (2008): Underground ossuary is used for storage of mortal remains of unidentified victims of war and post-war killings in different areas of Slovenia. 
  • Grave of Dr. Eva Lovše (1914-2003): She was a recognized Slovenian doctor and the first specialist of school medicine in Maribor. For her work, Dr. Eva Lovše received the prestigious Dr. J. Potrč award in 1990 and the city seal of Maribor in 1994. 
  • Grave of Bruno Hartman (1924-2011): He was an important Slovenian librarian and one of the founders of Maribor Theatre Festival (Borštnikovo srečanje).  

Cemetery address

Dobrava park
2000 Maribor,


Pogrebno podjetje Maribor d.d.
Cesta XIV.divizije 39/a
2000 Maribor

Administration: +386 2 480 09 00 or +386 2 480 09 06
Dobrava Cemetery: +386 2 629 53 94