Cemetery Dobrava

The history of the Dobrava cemetery goes back to 1985 (the first funeral at Dobrava was carried out on 19th June 1985).

This cemetery is composed of departments separated according to the types of graves: single and family; graves in series; urnal; Muslim; and a department for anonymous burials. The Dobrava cemetery was at first constructed as a green grassy surface with small demarcations of remembrance.

The Decree about the cemetery order was also prepared in accordance with this. Because the planned composition was, nevertheless, standing out too much of the idea of Slovene cemetery at the time (t.i. with graves where flowers can be planted, graves with decorative sand, bark, or covered with a stone slab), in time it became possible to cover the graves holding urns with a marble or granite slab, and single and family graves may have flowers planted in the width of 30 cm.

Despite the partial landscape architectural shift from the original idea, the characteristic of the Dobrava cemetery is still grass graves and with cypresses separated grave fields. To ensure the look of a unified order, the Funeral services Maribor completely took over the cutting of the cypresses in 2006 and it will be done in the months of September and October. Due to the fullness of the existing space (approximately 4000 graves) we are proceeding with the works to expand the Dobrava cemetery. In the expansion plan it is taken into consideration that the original idea was to have small grave fields with richly varied greenery as the bearer of the space order.