Project Symbols

Project Symbols

SYMBOLS is a joint project of 6 partners across Europe. It offers meanings and interpretations of the symbols most often present at the cemeteries of Europe.

About the project

General aim of the Symbols project is to strengthen the knowledge and public awareness of cemeteries and funerary arts as an important part of European cultural heritage and memory, the transnational circulation of cultural and creative works and the transnational mobility of cultural and creative players, in
particular artists.

The project explores the symbols that are most often present at the cemeteries of Europe and explains their meanings and offers interpretations.

Symbols at the cemeteries

Symbols hide in themselves stories of people, cultural traditions and ancient beliefs. They can be obvious, exposed and easy to understand. Or invisible, mysterious, enigmatic and complex.

We kindly invite you to enjoy the explanations and interpretations of the symbols found in European cemeteries. Or hit the road and take a trip at the cemeteries across Europe to learn about the symbolic value they have for their communities.

Either way we are sure you will be amazed by the fact that symbols are interpretations of stories of lives. Of culture. Of cultural life.