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Novelties on Maribor cemeteries | 10/28/2008

Also this year before November 1st, the day of all saints, Pogrebno podjetje Maribor finished some pojects for even more order and better visual impression of both Maribor cemeteries, Pobrežje and Dobrava.
On Pobrežje cemetery the fifth urn wall was finished, which makes together with flowers, small fountaine and banks nice place for visitors to stop. To make cemetary even more place of peace and memory, we placed additional banks and green surfaces, ir order to create Memorial Park. The inside of baroque chappel was renewed, while for the outside of chappel and Chaik archades we are trying to get financial help from EU founds for cultural heritage protection.
Dobravska cemerery - the biggest lawn cemetery in Slovenia - got new green and flowerly area this year and small Memorial park in front of main hall. The main alley will be renewed in near future. Beside this we placed new air condition system and window shades which reduces temperature in building in summer period and decreases costs for air-conditioning.

We started new project of separate waste collection with special waste containers for biological waste.

In the near future the road between both parts of Pobrežje cemetery will be reconstructed and new speed-control obstacles will be placed. 

We have many plans also for next year. As we would like to protect and promote cultural and historical heritage of both cemereties, we plan to prepare guide-book to the tombs of important people buried on Maribor cemeteries and present cultural heritage of both of them. We will arrange info walls at the entrances to both cemeteries. To impletent all planned projects  as soon as possible we are trying to get financial support from EU founds.